About Iron Synapse

Iron Synapse is a strategy puzzle game based on the classic Chinese strategy game GO, where users capture and secure territory on a grid using Stones to indicate ownership.  Iron Synapse follows many of the same rules as GO while expanding on others and adding completely new ones.

What makes Iron Synapse different from GO:

• Users may bid points to determine who will play the first turn just as they do in GO.
• In GO users play a single Stone each turn, in Iron Synapse users will play an Array of Nodes between 1 and 5.
• Like GO, users earn points for each Node they have on the board and spaces they control at the end of the game, in addition to each opposing Nodes they capture while playing.
• Iron Synapse introduces Power Nodes that are typically treated like Standard Nodes but with additional features.
• In the same respect, Special Spaces add additional depth to the game play as well.